New Business = New Home Office!

“Loving a home for a long time doesn’t actually mean getting it to a certain look and then never changing it. Crafting a home you love is more about embracing the idea that one’s tastes evolve over time.” Apartment Therapy

It wasn’t long ago that we revamped our home office. At the time our office resided in a 4th bedroom. We have since turned that room into a sewing and project space. (I would post pics but it is currently a complete disaster. We will do a makeover on that room soon.) Now that Rimmel and I are working from home we needed 2 functional work spaces, a place for writing and a seating area for meetings. We currently rent a home that has the standard formal living and dining room in the front of the house. Because our kitchen nook is fairly large we decided we can spare the formal dining room and create a large home office that works well for hosting customers or vendors when necessary. The result has been nothing short of fun, comfortable and totally us! (Well, probably more “me” than “us”. Rimmel would be fine with a folding table and a floor to pile papers on.) A recent visitor commented that he felt like he was walking through a virtual Pinterest board. That made me smile! I like my home to feel lived in, collected over the years, a little funky, and highly functional. I think we achieved just that and only spent about $50.00.



I try to re-purpose various objects for office supply storage. I found this little jewelry case at an estate sale for 50 cents and filled it with paperclips. The tray is from a secondhand store and cost $1.00. The pine cone paperweight was $1.99 at the same store. The giant paperclip holds receipts. (Clearly we need to work on our filing system. Tax time was NOT fun this year.)


The chandelier came from a secondhand store as well. It was brass so we spray-painted it a creamy white. I found the shades on a clearance rack and added the black ribbon to tie in the black and white from the baskets on top of the desks. (The baskets are from The Container Store.) The lamps were a DIY project that I will post on soon but the idea was to recreate a lamp shape I saw at Pottery Barn in their winter teen catalog so yes, that is a knitted blanket cut up and taped onto a lamp shade. I love the cozy but wintery feeling it adds to the room, especially when paired with the rose-gold bases! We don’t get that feeling very often in Arizona so I try to create it whenever I can. The salmon and gold box was $5.00 at T.J. Maxx.



In order to create zones for seating and a space for writing I cut the room in half using the sofa. The writing desk doubles as a sofa table. This is one of the biggest tips for great rooms. Don’t push all of your furniture up against the walls. It is totally okay to cut a room in half if it provides a more functional space.

I made the slipcover for the chair in the corner. Don’t be too impressed. If you saw the details you would quickly discover that the seems are crooked and it looks totally unprofessional but hey, done is better than perfect! We also hung a TV here so that I can keep up on HGTV while I work. It will also serve as a presentation monitor should we need it. The large armoire is actually a desk that holds our printer and fax machine as well as a docking station for our electronics. It even has a file drawer for when we decide to start filing!


Mr. Elephant here came from a secondhand store. In his former life he was a brass paperweight. Now is an adorable blue tchotchke! Madison painted him and gave him a clear coat with her airbrush kit. I love him!


No room is complete without a photo of family. Look at my little angels! They were 2 and 3 in this photo. Madison’s long black curls never cease to make me smile and Hallie’s sweet little expressions just kill me!! I will forever be over the moon for these two!


The giant mirror is another DIY project. It was given to us by some friends who said they were totally okay with me painting it any color I wanted. I’m sure they had no idea I was going for a royal blue with purple undertones but it is one of the hottest new colors so I had to try it. I love it!!!! The basket of books next to it along with the white IKEA couch ($100.00 used) is my favorite spot in our entire house. It is for my 5am coffee and quiet time. All to myself.


I do want to replace the hardware and drapes but for now I am making them work because they were on clearance at Pier 1 for $7.00 a panel. I have had them for at least 7 years. My mom bought the blue with white stripes fabric at an estate sale for 75 cents so I pinned it to the bottom of the curtains. Eventually I will sew them on, if I don’t replace them first.

I have to say, there is nothing like working in a zone created out of your own imagination. It just seems to spur on more creativity and productivity. Not to mention, it just makes me smile!



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    Gorgeous!!!! I’m going to have to hire you once we buy a house! You guys are so lucky to both work from home, that’s what I’m working towards!!

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